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Tasty Easy Food Recipe is our established brand name in the food industry which provides secret recipes for the common person. Food is one of the best things ever out there and food recipes are definitely one of our greatest inventions. Each and every food has its own secret quantity of ingredients.

Also, we provide the necessary ingredients as well so that a basic user, who wishes to impress their immediate circle gets a concrete idea of what it takes to prepare these awesome dishes and cooking skills and techniques.

We have an array of dishes ranging from Indian, western, Mediterranean, Southeast Asian, Russian, Chinese dishes, so that a person visiting our website can have a variety of options to choose from.

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Food Recipe Tips

Before starting a dish, Make sure you have an ingredient list.

You must know how much quantity of ingredients should be added for each food recipe.



My Husband and I often follow your food recipes religiously and we make some alterations and enjoy the food with our family. Thanks for your helpful recipes and tips.


Thank you so much for the recipes posted on your website. It helped me a lot. Keep continuing your work.

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Sathya is the founder of Tasty Easy Food Recipe and was founded in 2007. Having been to several restaurants and inspired by many dishes and having been an awesome cook for several years, we at tastyeasyfoodrecipe strive to bring the authentic and reliable taste of dishes and their recipes from all over the world to the dinner table for our users. Visit us at FaceBook Business Profile for more interesting food recipe content. Cooking is my passion and the goal of mine is to share helpful content such as food recipes to our beloved users.

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