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tasty and easy food recipes

15 Tasty and Easy Food Recipes That You Can Make at Home

If you are a person who is tired of cooking the same recipes again and again, then I will share with you some 15 tasty and easy food recipes today so that you would never run out of recipes in the short term.

Getting some good food after a long day is easily something to look forward to, but cooking a homemade meal is something else. Looking for an easy dinner recipe requires exploring these fifteen classical dishes. Whether you are looking for a quick fix after a workout session, or healthy recipes to change up your lifestyle a bit – these 15 tasty quick and easy food recipes will surely leave you fulfilled!

The best part about these homemade recipes is that they require readily available ingredients, are quick to prepare, and are some of the most budget-friendly recipes you will see today! Take your pick from the delicious, crispy, creamy, vegetable-filled, chicken and beef recipes. 

Mac and Cheese

tasty and easy food recipes
Mac and Cheese –

There’s no going wrong with Mac and Cheese, the quick and easy recipe calls for the most basic of ingredients and is prepared in no time. If you are looking for a one-minute recipe, you can easily toss in the Macaroni in a mug, warm it up, add seasoning and cheese – and enjoy the scrumptious delight!

Mac and cheese is such a pocket-friendly recipe that requires little to no effort. As long as you have the two main ingredients, you can create as many variants of the recipe as you like. Feel free to experiment with different toppings, add fried bacon, chicken, steamed veggies, and other ingredients of your choice.

Instant Pot Beef Chilli

instant pot beef chilli
Instant Pot Beef Chilli –

Nothing tastes more fulfilling than a flavorful pot of beef chili to get your tastebuds excited. An instant pot beef chili is an easy homemade recipe that is easy to make and has a lot of unique textures and flavors. It is a budget-friendly recipe that can be made with leftovers; all you need is beef, tomatoes, spices, and beans.

Put them together in a pressure cooker until well combined, and let it cook while you arrange the sidelines. Once done, take it out of the cooker, and pair it with some honey cornbread, some white rice, or garlic knots.

Twice Baked Potatoes

twice baked potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes –

Everyone has a bunch of potatoes lying around their homes that are waiting to be turned into scrumptious Twice-Baked Potatoes. This easy-made home-cooked recipe requires the most basic of ingredients – starting with just potatoes. Simply start by loading them with rich, creamy mashed potatoes, cheese of your choice, and sour cream.

Add more topping according to your liking, and toss them into the oven. The Twice-Baked Potatoes work great as a quick appetizer and can be served alongside many main dinner dishes. You can make the dish extra cheesy, filled with sour cream, and loaded with bacon bits – the possibilities are unlimited!

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Potato Pinwheels

potato pin wheels
Potato Pin Wheels –

Speaking of potatoes, it’s time for another comfort dish that requires simple ingredients. The best thing about homemade food is that you can easily whip the dish together, without investing too much time, money, or energy. The potato pinwheels are great as a dinner party dish or as an easily made snack.

All you need is to roll out refrigerated crescent dough and add your combination of potato filling, roll the dough into the shape of a pinwheel, and put it in the oven. Add all your favorite toppings like extra cheese, fried chicken, minced beef – and you are ready to dig in.

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Zucchini Fried Rice

zucchini fried rice
Zucchini Fried Rice –

The perfect homemade recipe is something that is fun for the entire family, and Zucchini Fried Rice is a quick and easy dish that gets the job done. The dish is perfect for all occasions – dinner parties, office parties, family gatherings, and other events.

The Zucchini Fried Rice is a budget-friendly dish and is one of the healthy recipes on this list that offers high nutritional value. All you need to prepare the dish are some leftovers, and some zucchini – you can also add tofu to this recipe or make it more flavorful with pork.

Tex Mex Tacos

tex mex tacos
Tex Mex Tacos –

A favorite dish among most households, Tex Mex Tacos is an easy homemade dish that is quick and easy to prepare. You can make it with simple ingredients as a fun afternoon project, or prepare the classic tacos with a premade kit.

Add hearty ground beef, some tex mex sauce for that added flavor, heavy cream on top, and melted extra cheese on top. The best thing about this pocket-friendly recipe is that it is easy to prepare and can be frozen for use later on. Buy fresh tortillas and use the filling, or make the filling into a burrito wrap for a quick snack – the options are unlimited!

BLT Bean Salad

blt bean salad
BLT Bean Salad –

If you are trying to eat healthily and are looking for unprocessed foods, a salad might be the best option for you. Salads are fresh and healthy, and offer numerous nutritional value – but what truly makes this salad recipe great is the classic BLT twist.

The BLT Bean Salad provides all the typical flavors of a BLT sandwich along with all the green goodness and great nutritional value. Add some herb and mayo dressing, some deep-fried bacon, and some feta, corn, or avocado – and your budget-friendly dish is complete.

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Vegetable Fried Rice

vegetable fried rice
Vegetable Fried Rice –

Speaking of healthy recipes, nothing tops the charts better than Vegetable fried rice. One of the classic entries of Chinese food, veggie fried rice is easy to make and super fulfilling. They offer a short cook time, and flavorful, and are easy to cook at home.

If you have certain dietary preferences as part of your daily diet, you can switch to brown rice vegetable fried rice, and add corn and peas for extra flavor. If you prefer a one-minute recipe, try microwaveable rice and toss in eggs with soy sauce to give it that restaurant-style food quick fix veggie fried rice flavor.

Turkey Sliders

turkey sliders
Turkey Sliders –

Keto recipes are very popular with the use of protein, but if you are looking for protein-rich healthy fixes – turkey slides are a great homecooked meal. They are fast to prepare, rich with flavors, juicy, and go great with lettuce and mini buns.

You can also add ham slices into the mix for some different textures, or follow the exact cookbook recipe – with turkey sliders; you can’t go wrong. Fill the burger with your favorite condiments, prepare the filling with the deli-style roasted turkey, and add your dressing. This recipe works great with thanksgiving leftovers and is a delicious school lunch recipe for the kids.

Simple Poached Egg and Avocado Toast

poached egg and avocado toast sandwich
Poached Egg and Avocado Toast –

If you are an ardent fan of easy and tasty food recipes, then this is the perfect breakfast for you. It is both tasty and easy to prepare kind of a dish. Feel like making yourself an excellent homemade breakfast today? We know just the thing. While waffles and pancakes are all tempting options – the real star of the show can be Poached Eggs and Avocado Toasts.

A great way to start your day is with the right recipe, filled with the right criteria for protein, fats, carbs, and fibre. Pair it with parmesan cheese, and tasty mashed avocado and you’ve got yourself a complete meal.

Crunchy Asian Ramen Noodle Salad

crunchy asian ramen noodle salad
Crunchy Asian Ramen Noodle Salad –

Cooking at home sometimes revolves around just making instant noodles, but we suggest putting in a little more effort and make yourself a nice homemade meal. Simply with crunchy dried ramen noodles, and avocado, a healthy recipe that has enough nutritional value to keep you happy and fulfilled. Add some carrots, green onions, almonds, cabbage, and seasoning right after you give it a good stir. This pocket-friendly recipe requires no trip to the grocery store and is fulfilling.

Lamb or Beef Shakushka

beef shakushka
Beef Shakushka –

Shakshuka is a homemade delight that is easily everyone’s favorite. Lamb or Beef Shakshuka packs a lot of good flavors, is the perfect blend of jalapeno, spices, ground lamb or beef, and chipotle. It is easy to make and is one of the most pocket-friendly recipes you are likely to see today.

By combining just a few simple ingredients, this Middle Eastern recipe makes excellent use of eggs and tomatoes. Lamb or Beef Shakshuka is particularly great as a brunch recipe, and can be made in just a few minutes with leftovers – and packs enough protein to get you started for the day.

Pita Pizzas

pita pizzas on a plate
Pita Pizza –

Everyone is a fan of pizza, but instead of ordering in, we suggest making a homemade pizza in just a few minutes. You might be wondering how getting the ingredients ready is a hassle, and creating and then baking the pizza dough will take more than a few minutes – don’t worry, our recipe doesn’t call for pizza dough. Simply use pita and drop your toppings, pepperonis, mushrooms, and cheese on top, pop it in the oven for a few minutes, and your dish is ready.

Chicken Fajita Pasta

chicken fajita pasta
Chicken Fajita Pasta –

The next item on our quick and easy recipes list is a crowd-pleaser – Chicken Fajita Pasta. It is a dish rich in cream, packed with onions, and pepper, and a lot of comforting flavors, and only require 30 minutes to be prepared.

Toss in some Fajita Veggies, your seasoning, chicken fajita chunks, pasta sauce, and penne pasta. You can select other types of pasta as well such as rotini or stick to the basic penne pasta – you have so many options and flavors to play with.

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Thai Fried Prawn & Pineapple Rice

thai fried prawn and pineapple rice in a bowl
Thai Fried Prawn And Pineapple Rice –

Homemade recipes require very little effort to prepare and give the taste you are not likely to find elsewhere. Such is the case for Thai fried prawn & pineapple rice, a low calories seafood dish that requires just the basic ingredients.

By adding some onions, stir-fried rice, scrambled egg, peas, and prawns along with Thai green curry paste – you have a combination of unique flavors at home. It is a healthy dish that is easy to prepare and is even more fulfilling. Unleash your inner chef, and try the recipe out for yourself and your family.

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