10 Traditional American Foods you Must Try

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American foods such as Burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs and pancakes are some of the foods that come to our mind when you think of “American cuisine“. It’s an understatement to say American foods have inherited some famous dishes from other cultures for e.g Pizza from Italy or hamburgers from Germany, to say the least. They already existed in European nations, but America is the one who inherited these dishes and popularised the concept of fast foods across the world. Contrary to the popular opinion many people do not have an idea of the real American culture influenced foods.

If you want to know the list of foods that you need to try at least once in your lifetime, you must definitely check out this link.

Who must try these American Foods?

As a person who has been to America many times, I have been surprised by the American dishes because the majority of the people do not have an idea about the American culture or their traditional dishes. Those who have never been to the states or who did not have a glimpse of American foods should try these dishes. Hence I present the 10 traditional American foods that one must try in his or her lifetime.

List of 10 American Foods that you need to try:

1.Meat loaf

Meatloaf is a peculiar dish which is found as a staple food in most american households.Since it is often found at homes most Americans tend not to have meatloaf at a cuisine.American meatloaf has its own European origin.It has its roots from German, Scandinavian dishes. If you have a chance to visit America and if you have a chance to visit Arizona, Gilberts black bear Diner is one of the best in america.

Meat loaf
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I bet most of you would not have heard of grits dish. It is not a determination synonym in the traditional or conventional sense. This dish is basically a Shrimp/Prawn dish which is a native southern traditional American foods. It is one of the American dishes to have an authentic southern flavour and taste.Its a southern US dish made from finely ground sweet corn, and shrimps or grits can be highly versatile. Typically found in savoury versions, they can also be made sweet and also sour. A First classic dish is shrimp and grits, but prawns are also a popular dinner item, in place of oatmeal.

grits-American Foods


Yes. That’s right. Hamburgers and American foods are inseparable. There are a variety of hamburgers in America ranging from beef, chicken, the lamb that one gets often overwhelmed by the number of burgers available to a common person. I suggest some of the best places one should try for hamburgers in America. I highly recommend Pool Burgers in Austin, Texas and it is one of the best places to have the conventional taste of American burgers.


4. Biscuits soaked in gravy

A West American favorite, the traditional biscuit was first brought to the country by the English, and the ‘spicy’ gravy was created as a staple and stomach filling evening option in the southern colonies during the war revolution. The biscuits are traditionally made with Flour or maids and buttermilk; the spicy country gravy with chicken meat drippings and (usually) pieces of fresh beef sausage and white pepper. These days, biscuits can be found with all sorts of ingredients – lamb and chive combination is a famous one.

Biscuits soaked in gravy-American Foods
Biscuits soaked in gravy-tastyeasyfoodrecipe.com

Tired so soon!! The next 5 American Foods will make you drool.

5.Rib Barbecue

Foods that have been barbecued has been one of America’s oldest traditions and it has now evolved into an art form, with bbq lovers and has a huge fan following from the west side of America and those who started restaurants tried to suit their favourite styles. As a fan of American cuisine, I highly recommend visiting Kansas city since its famous for lamb barbecues, wet ribs of Memphis, or South Carolina’s Apple cider vinegar base, one thing we can all agree on is that barbecue in America is definitely a part and parcel of American culture!

Rib barbecue-tastyeasyfoodrecipe.com

6.Apple pie

One would have not missed television as a child where each and every cartoon character eat Apple pie as a breakfast which truly represents the true spirit of traditional american foods. Apple pie is a staple dish for the Americans. Each and every American household knows the recipe for this dish and it is a staple dish of each and every American. Usually, this is served in family gatherings. As a person who has many American friends, I highly recommend Apple pie when visiting America. However, over the course of recent years, it has been transformed into a distinctly American food experience, typically served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

apple pie-American Foods
Apple pie-tastyeasyfoodrecipe.com

7.Buffalo Chicken wing(Large Chicken Wing).

The term buffalo is used for this dish because of its sheer size. Special chickens from American farms are selected and used in preparing this dish which makes it an authentic American dish. Tracing its origin to 1950s, the speciality of these chicken wings is that these wings are very large in the first place and they are dipped in hot sauce (traditionally called buffalo sauce) and sprinkled with a layer of paprika and its a famous bar dish. Since the dish originated from New York, its a treat for all those who visit new york. I personally recommend trying the Anchor bar in new York which is famous for this dish.


8.Spicy Tater Tots

It’s quite a new dish that most of you would not have heard. When I first had this dish, I was quite awestruck by its taste. Who does not like french fries but there exists a version of a dish made from potato in the form of mini balls. Its called tater tots in American language whereas its called potato mini-balls elsewhere. Its sprinkled with a layer of salt and paprika to enhance the taste. I would definitely give a thumbs up for the dish and try it out if you wanna visit America.

Spicy Tater Tots-American Foods
Spicy Tater Tots-tastyeasyfoodrecipe.com

9.Traditional Chicken Reuben Sandwich.

This traditional American cuisine dish is the brainchild of Arnold Reuben,although it is highly debated as to whether this also belongs to its inventor Reuben Kulakofsky. Anyways,this is one of the fine traditional American food one should try when visiting the United States. The classic corned chicken, mozzarella cheese, and corn sandwich are synonymous with American delicious dishes.

Traditional Chicken Reuben Sandwich
Traditional Chicken Reuben Sandwich-tastyeasyfoodrecipe.com

10.Hot dogs.

Believe it or not, hot dogs are an integral part of American culture. Ranging from royal cuisines till street seller, Hot dogs are omnipresent everywhere in America. Nothing ever comes close on a summer outdoor cooking or an ice hockey game better than a Full-American hot dog. Hot dog ingredients vary from region to region– The western part of America is famous for the beef hot dogs whereas the texas variation of the hot dog has roasted pork within the buns without sauce or ketchup.

hot-dog-American Foods
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