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How to Cook Sausage – 5 Step by step methods.

We might have eaten sausages from fast-food restaurants and fancy dinners. And we always have wondered how to cook sausage or how to make sausages at home. Believe me!! I’ve been there. So in this post, I’ll provide you with the complete guide and how to cook sausages at home with valuable instructions. If you follow the exact processes and steps from this post, you will become an expert on cooking sausage at home.

Sausages are considered a major dish around the world. Ground meat is used in making sausages. Sausages are considered a significant dish around the world. Ground meat is used in making sausages. The meat used in the making can be beef, pork, or chicken. Spices are added to the ground meat. These spices include salt, peppers, and many other flavorings. Fillers like bread crumbs are also used as an adhesive to hold the sausage together.

How to make sausage:

All of these ingredients are mixed well and then filled into skin or case made from materials like cellulose or collagen. The way of cooking a sausage has a strong effect on its nutritional composition. Some cooks are meant to be boiled for achieving their original taste and nutrients. And in the same way, some are meant to be baked. It depends upon how you treat them. Some foods lose their aroma and flavor if they are boiled.

Similarly, how you treat your sausages is totally up to your feasibility and taste. It is known for the fact that boiling and baking are among the healthiest cooking methods known today. These methods require very little oil in the preparation of different foods.

how to cook sausage
Grilled Sausage –

There are multiple ways in which you can cook your sausage. Some of these types are mentioned below:

Pan-frying the sausages:

Cooking sausages using pan fry is one of the most popular ways of cooking sausage. It is considered the most effective. The main reason is that you can also fry many other ingredients apace with the sausage. The food made in such a process is quite delicious as it captures the aroma and flavor of other elements. To fry the sausage in the pan:

Sausage Pan Fry –

Begin with setting the stove to medium heat. Now place a pan or a cast-iron skillet on top and let the heat work through the cookware. It should take about 5 minutes to get things going. Now add about one and a half tablespoons of cooking oil to the pan. You don’t want to add too much oil as sausages also release their oils.

Now the second step is to separate the sausages. Cut the sausages apart. After separating the joined sausages, place them in the preheated pot. Keep ample space in between the sausages to prevent them from sticking together.

In such a way, they are cooked more evenly. You must never overcrowd the pan if you are cooking in large batches. They should be cooked in smaller batches to prevent sogginess and moisture. 

Keep changing the sides of the sausages to evenly cook. Let each side cook for a couple of minutes, turn it, and give some time to the other side. Repeat the process until you notice the brown color on all sides of the sausages.

The cooking time depends upon how large the sausage is. Some may take 20 minutes to cook while small-sized sausages are ready in about 10 minutes. You can also use a kitchen knife to cut in the center of the sausage to check its tenderness. A tender sausage is always firm and dark in color, and there are no traces of pink meat.

Below mentioned are two techniques to cook large sausages:

The butterfly technique is a useful technique to cook large sausages. You can always speed up the process by chopping them into similar lengths. This creates a butterfly among them. This is the exact process of how to cook sausage using the butterfly technique.

You can also use the trapped steam method. Simply add two cups of water to the pan while cooking and cover the pan. You must take precautions while removing the lid as steam vapors can cause burning. 

So using a pan for frying sausages is one of the delicious methods for cooking sausage. You can go for this method whenever you are not in the mood for using a grill. The cooked sausages are still moist and tender. However, the flavor and aroma are not as great as grilled smoky sausage. The sausage was crispy when I tried this method. But how to tell if sausage is cooked? It depends on the cooking time of the sausage.

How to cook sausage using the grill:

Another commonly used technique is how to cook sausage using Grill. There are many types of grills. It depends upon the fuel that you are using to ignite the process. You can use a gas grill. While using, turn the burners to low heat.

Sausage in Grill –

In the case of using a charcoal grill, you have to make two portions. Keep hot coals on one side and fill the other side with some unburnt and fewer coals. I am keeping the sausage on the side of the hot coals. Keep turning them side by side after every two minutes.

There is no risk of burning while using the grill method. Cook the sausages till they are brown. Now transfer them to the other portion of the Grill that has few coals. Cook them for about 10 minutes on this side. After that, transfer them to a plate, and now they are ready to serve.

There are multiple ways to cook sausages. The ideal among all is the one involving Grill. But you can only use it perfectly if you are well aware of how to use a grill. The cooked sausages were not much attractive.

There were traces of grill marks. However, the grilled sausages were tender of them all. They were fully smoked and full of aroma. This is how to cook sausages using the Grill.

Cooking Sausage using oven:

Suppose you are wondering how to cook sausage in the oven. You are at the right place. Baking the sausages in the oven carries the least risk of burning because there is no frequent turning involved.

An oven does complete work for you. You can use many types of ovens for baking sausages like a brick wood oven or even a clay one. To bake the sausages:

How to Cook Sausage in the oven –

Start with preheating the oven to around 380F. It may take a couple of minutes. In the meantime, apply some butter on the Grill or baking tray, whatever you are using. It prevents the sticking of sausages to the cookware and also keeps them tender. Now place sausages on the butter applied baking tray by keeping ample space in between them. The more the space in between, the better they are baked.

Cook them for about 30 minutes. You must turn them after 15 minutes (i.e. halfway) so that they can be cooked evenly and form a nice texture of brown color. Cook them till you see no traces of pink meat inside them. Voila, they are ready to eat.

The brick wood oven is considered the most preferred oven for this technique. This oven is lit by the wood fire. Using this oven, you can have your sausages ready in no time. So there is a chance that a high temperature can create a better crust of the sausages, but the cooked sausages can become dry due to excessive temperature.

The cooked sausages from this technique were no doubt tender, but they lack the standard flavor, which is made by using a grill. But you can go for the oven technique as there will be no oil splatters, and it is easy to clean up. This is the exact process of how to cook sausage using the oven.

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Batter the sausage:

British cook their sausages through this technique. It involves creating a batter mix.

To do this, first, you must cook the sausages by using any of the above-mentioned methods like baking, boiling, frying, or grilling. Shift them on a plate or a dish when they are prepared.

The next step involves the creation of a batter mix. You can have a batter mix of your own. Creating a batter mix usually involves flour, some salt, and eggs. More flavoring can also be added depending upon the taste. Common ones are garlic and beer.

sausage batter
Sausage Batter –

Start heating the pan to around 380oF after adding some vegetable oil. You can add the oil up to your likeness, but it’s better enough to add the oil till the sausages are covered.

Roll the sausage in the batter after putting it on a skewer. Fry it in the oil for about 3-4 minutes till it adopts the brown-colored texture.

So the bottom line is that you can choose from the following five mentioned methods to cook perfect sausages in no time. You can opt for the boiling and baking methods as they are considered the healthiest (due to less oil content). However, the deep-frying process is hazardous for health. It is totally up to your convenience and availability of items. But to keep the sausages tender and juicy, keep them from overcooking.

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How to cook sausage using boiling water:

sausage in boiling water
Sausage in boiling water –

Place sausages into the hot boiling water-filled pan. Make sure that there is enough water that sausages are dipped entirely. As soon as the sausages are in the pre-hot boiled pan, reduce the heat. You can add ingredients of your choice like beer or wine in the water for flavor and aroma.

After covering the pan with a lid, provide at least 10 to 30 minutes to the sausages for proper cooking. Some may take 20 minutes to cook while small-sized sausages are ready in about 10 minutes.

After removing the sausages from the pan, dry them. Check to see if they are cooked through the core. If they lack the brown texture and a crispy crust, put them again in the pan for boiling for just a few minutes. This is the process of how to cook sausage using boiling water.

Health Information about Sausages:

The less oil is used, the healthier the diet is. And less harmful chemicals and compounds are likely to get mixed in the food. However, deep-frying is considered the least healthy method as it loads the food with excessive fats. These excessive foods are calories filled and may cause certain cardiovascular diseases, and can increase the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Frying in the pan is considered not as harmful as deep frying if only the oils that are used are of good quality. Good quality oils such as olive oil or coconut oil contain fats that are impenetrable during the heat. These oils are rich in the presence of Vitamin E that is healthy.

These retain their qualities while cooking. So always choose the oils that are loaded with beneficial antioxidants that are excellent choices for cooking.

Deep frying and grilling can produce and form dangerous chemical compounds in the foods while cooking. These compounds like AGEs and HAs are hazardous to the human body. They are responsible for many chronic and liver diseases, even cancer.

So based on researches, it is better to reduce the usage of excessive oils while cooking, especially the ones that emerge during cooking.

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