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How to Make Chicken Soft While Cooking

Anyone who likes chicken will tell you that one of the most important aspects of cooking it is how soft and tender it turns out. When cooked with the proper techniques, the meat should be moist and juicy while still easy to chew. In this post, we’ll show you how to make chicken soft while cooking by boiling or frying, as well as provide some helpful tips on how to make chicken smooth while boiling or frying.

how to make chicken soft while cooking - soft and tender chicken
Soft and Tender Chicken –

Identifying the chicken meat

The first step in learning how to make chicken soft is picking the right kind of meat. A whole bird, cut into pieces, or chicken breast will all work well. Poultry is a traditional choice for this cooking method because of the meat’s tenderness. But sometimes chicken can be too complex and stiff, especially if it is overcooked or old.

Smaller and younger chicken have tender meat that cooks up easier because it is less developed, while older chickens have tougher meat. Chicken that has been frozen for a long time will also be tough. Hence, it is best to purchase fresh, smaller chicken that has never been frozen.

It is also harder to identify the softness in packaged meat, so it is best to research when buying chicken. For instance, if the package has a lot of liquid or visible water droplets, there is a reasonable probability that the chicken will be soft and fresh.

Investigate the expiry date on the package

Another way to find the softness of chicken meat is by investigating its expiry date. A best-before date that is near or passed will likely lead to dry, tough meat and not edible, whereas a best-before date that is further out will give you enough time to use the chicken, and also there is a good chance the chicken is soft and tender.

Once we have identified the softness of the chicken during the initial stage of the cooking process (i.e., at the time of buying itself), we have won half the battle. The next step is to cook it in a way that will make the meat soft and tender.

There are different ways to cook chicken such as boiling or frying. Both methods have their pros and cons, so here is a quick guide on making chicken soft while cooking through both of these techniques.

Boiling the meat yields tender results that are usually well-seasoned because this technique allows the seasonings to sink deeply into the tender flesh as it cooks in. It also gives the person a good experience while eating.

Ideal time to boil the chicken

But what is the ideal time to boil the meat? The answer is not too long. Cooking chicken for a short period (e.g., 30 minutes) will produce tender and soft results while boiling it for more extended periods (i.e., hours) is desirable while making soups and broth. Young chicken meat takes around 20-30 minutes, while older ones take up to one hour.

Smaller cuts

Also, how the chicken pieces are cut makes a difference in the softness. Smaller pieces cook faster but can also dry out quickly, while larger chunks take longer to cook and will be juicier as well. If you want the best experience and soft chicken, cut the chicken into small cubes no more than an inch wide.

We just saw the desired outcome from boiling chicken. Let’s look at how frying the meat changes things.

Frying chicken produces the crispiest and tastiest experience when it comes to how to make chicken soft while cooking.

It is best if you cut up your pieces of raw chicken so they are smaller, no more than an inch wide or bigger, depending upon if you want crispy or tender results. If cutting them into small cubes helps cook faster, which will help in getting better results every time with how to make chicken soft while boiling and frying! While larger chunks take longer to cook and will be juicier as well. For this reason, the chicken must remain tender and juicy during the process of frying.

Fried chicken is usually crispier than boiled or steamed chicken. Usually, the outer layer has a crisp texture, whereas the inner portion of the chicken should be soft and tender.

Also, the meat is usually seasoned before frying. The seasoning can be anything, from traditional salt and pepper to Asian-inspired spices. The best example of soft chicken as well as at the same time crispy is KFC fried chicken. Before adding the batter and frying process, the chicken meat goes through a set of procedures in order to achieve a smoother texture after frying. If you want to know how to make KFC chicken at home along with recipes make sure to check out the link on our website.

When it comes to how long fried chicken should cook, timing plays a crucial role in achieving soft results while cooking chicken. Smaller pieces such as cutlets take around five minutes on each side (for a total of ten minutes), whereas more significant portions like thighs need at least half an hour or more, and that depends upon the size and type of chicken piece chosen.

Best tips to make the chicken soft

While we have shown you how to make chicken soft by boiling and frying, some helpful tips will help get your desired outcome every time:

  • Buy young chickens rather than old ones by carefully examining the package date.
  • Chicken that has been frozen for a long time will also be tough. Hence, it is best to purchase fresh, smaller chicken that has never been frozen.
  • Cut the meat into smaller portions to make it cook faster and have a tender texture every single time.
  • Boil the chicken in saltwater because it adds flavor to the meat, and also, the salt helps to seep deep inside the meat core and expand, which helps to improve the soft texture.
  • Use a small sharp pin to poke holes on the meat to allow the seasoning to seep deep inside.

But how do we know if a chicken is cooked correctly or not? This is where the meat thermometer comes into the picture. Place the thermometer by inserting it into the thickest part of the chicken piece.

The ideal temperature for cooked chicken is 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 Celsius).

Depending on the size of the meat, big or small, influences your cooking time based on what your portions are and also if you choose to marinate it before cooking, which would take an additional amount of time as well.

Placing the chicken meat in ice cubes

Placing ice cubes on the chicken before cooking is another tip that can help keep the meat tender and soft. Add the chicken cubes with water and ice cubes in a large bowl and place them aside for half an hour. Also, don’t forget to close the bowl with a lid.

After taking the chicken out of the bowl with ice cubes, place the chicken pieces on the parchment paper to drain the excess water from the meat. This whole process of icing the chicken will help produce soft and tender results on the meat.

While frying the chicken, make sure to drain all the excess water from the meat; else, it will splatter when added to the heated oil and cause a huge mess.

Before frying, make sure the chicken stays for some time in the batter so that it gets appropriately coated. Most people do not follow this step correctly. Following this step in a procedural manner will help in getting the best possible experience of having a fried chicken with a crispy outside and soft meat inside.

If you are wondering how to make chicken soft, following these tips will help you achieve tender and smooth results for anyone.

There are many ways to make chicken soft but having a perfect mixture of ingredients that you use in frying is important as well. But on the topic, how to cook chicken, this post provides comprehensive coverage on all the information regarding cooking chicken meat.

Here’s the recipe I recommend when wondering how soft is the chicken in cooked rotisserie chicken which I made last week? Place ice cubes on the raw pieces of poultry before adding them into an oil-battered batter mix or if boiling instead place them directly in hot water without any ice cubes which will help produce softer results every single time!

Use Parchment Paper for draining excess liquid

Separate each piece of raw cutlets using parchment paper while they cook, this step also helps by draining off excess liquid from being added into the batter mix. Make sure you set them aside on some paper towels so any excess oil can drain off before serving with how to make soft chicken while cooking!

Everyone loves having crispy fried skin but if not cooked properly it will feel dry and hard especially when served cold which no one likes either. For this reason, I’ve listed my best tips on making tender & softer results for anyone who follows these steps every time they cook using a deep fryer or pan together with how long does cook rotisserie chicken last.

Also, this guide also provides a detailed explanation of making chicken soft while cooking.

What is the secret to tender chicken?

The secret to tender chicken is marinading the chicken in saline water for 2 to 3 hours and cooking for an extra 2 to 3 minutes makes all the difference in preparing tender chicken.

Does soaking chicken in milk make it tender?

Yes, soaking chicken in milk makes it tender. But it is quite expensive when compared to marinading the same chicken in saline water because water costs absolutely no money when compared with milk.

How to make chicken soft and tender in the oven?

Keeping the chicken an extra 2 to 3 minutes in the oven is the secret.

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