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Jam Sandwich Recipe – 3 Simple Steps

A jam sandwich Recipe is a classic American sandwich, and its simplicity makes it a perfect meal to pack for a travel trip. The bread is toasted and filled with your choice of jam or preserves. The choice of jam makes this sandwich great, whether you want to stuff it with a flaky pastry, a sweet fruit preserve or even a gourmet jelly or jam.

Jam Sandwich Recipe –

This sandwich is the ultimate comfort food because it’s made with simple and affordable ingredients. A jam sandwich can be made with a slice of simple bread; the ingredients are usually mixed fruit jelly or jam. The jam which I have used in this recipe is mixed fruit jam by Kissan. Homemade jam can also be used for this recipe.

Mixed Fruit Jam

Also, it is essential to use the correct choice of bread while making a jam sandwich. The bread used in this recipe is thick, soft white milk bread. It is not recommended to use sandwich bread because it is rough and is not sweet enough, unlike milk bread. I used the sweet milk bread from Brittania.

Milk White Bread

For a better experience, you can french toast your bread.

Jam Sandwich Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 slices of white milk bread,
  • 1/2 cup mixed fruit jam
  • 1 tsp honey for the topping (optional)

Here is another good example of how to make jam sandwich.

How to make a Jam Sandwich Instructions with pictures:

Step 1: The first step while making sandwiches is to keep all the necessary ingredients nearby. You would need bread slices, jam, a small wooden plate, a medium-sized spoon and a sandwich knife.

Two slices of bread on a plate

Step 2: Firstly, unwrap the sliced bread packet. Now remove the top layer or first piece of the bread because it is not suited for eating because it has only one side suitable for eating. The other side of the bread would be over-baked and give you an unpleasant experience; hence, that piece alone can be left away.

A spoonful of fruit jam

Step 3: Place two slices of bread on a plate. Next, make a sandwich with the bread, like this. You can also fold it over the top and spread both sides of the bread with mixed fruit jam.

Spreading the jam on the bread

How to Spread the Jam

Now, carefully tear the aluminum foil from the top of the jam container. Take a spoon and gently take 1/2 teaspoon of jam from the container. Slowly spread some of the jam on the slice of bread side by side. I will show you how to spread the jam on the bread for the best experience. Place the spoon at a 45-degree angle to the bread on the plate. Now gently spread the jam against the bread. Now rotate the spoon well, and wipe the inverted spoon over the bread. This helps to provide a consistent jam layer on the bread.

Knife on Bread

Step 4: Once the jam is spread on one layer of the sliced bread, it’s time to spread the jam on the second slice of bread. Most people prefer jam spread on only one sliced bread. But for a more optimal experience, I recommend jam spread on both slices of bread.

Cutting the Bread Diagonally

Step 5: Now that the jam spread is done on both slices of the bread, gently take one slice and stack it on top of the other. The jam side of the bread should touch each other while stacking them on top of each other.

Jam sandwich with diagonal cut

How to Cut the Bread

Now, place the jam sandwich on top of the wooden plate. Now take the sandwich knife to cut the bread. It is up to you whether you want two cuts or four cuts.

Another famous sandwich recipe across the world is Peanut Butter Sandwich Recipe.

Two cut sandwich or four cut sandwich?

Two cut jam sandwich is more common, whereas four cut sandwich is made for school children where they can share it with their friends, which contains many pieces of the sandwich.

Jam sandwich cut into four pieces

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There are many other ways to enjoy this fruit jam sandwich. You can also try adding some nuts to it and make a healthy sandwich.

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How do you make a jam sandwich step by step?

Take two slices of bread. Spread the jam on one side of both pieces of bread. Now place the two slices on top of each other. That’s it. This is how you make a jam sandwich step by step.

What goes on a jam sandwich?

Mixed fruit jam goes on a jam sandwich. Strawberry Jam Sandwich is also a type of jam sandwich.

Should you put butter on a jam sandwich?

No, you should not put butter on a jam sandwich. Butter should be used as an ingredient only in Bread Butter Jam Sandwich.

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