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Mcdonalds Burger Recipe | How to Make a Burger?

Burgers are an all-time favorite dish – and when it comes to McDonald’s, the famous McDonald’s burgers are easily a crowd-pleaser. Not only do they offer a great price to quality ratio, but they also taste exceptional and crisp. McDonald’s Burgers are well seasoned, finely cooked, have appropriate fat content, and are fun to eat. Our Mcdonalds Burger Recipe helps you to make the iconic McDonald’s burger at home. Mcdonalds burgers are also called mcd burgers and this post provides the ingredients and instructions to make mcd burger recipe.

When it comes to being a fast-food favourite, Mcdonald’s is sure to be on your list of top three, which is why you can do yourself a favour, and make their menu at home with a quick fix recipe! Starting with McDonald’s Hence in this post, I am going to share the secret McDonald’s burger recipe and this will help in making a DIY mcdonalds burger.

Infographic –

The trick to how to make Mcdonald’s burger concerns matching great seasoning with accurate deep or shallow frying instructions. It is easy to prepare and is a favorite of almost anyone and everyone considering it is easy on the pocket and tastes delicious. McDonald’s burgers come in a variety of shapes, proteins, and sizes.

Making them the perfect McChicken burgers or McAloo Tikki burgers to try from the comfort of your home. And don’t just stop there! Who doesn’t love some Mcdonald’s French fries? Make some crispy fries alongside this budget-friendly burger recipe and impress your guests! So, let’s get started.

Different Types of McDonalds Burger:

Mcdonald’s burgers –

There are different types of Mcdonald’s burgers as well as different variations of burgers. Some of them are Big mac Burger, McAloo Tikki burger, Mcchicken Burger.

While all of the McDonalds burgers are McDelicious, we all have a personal favorite – one which we can’t wait to replicate. The best part about this how to make Mcdonald’s burger recipe is that it follows a standard approach, much like McDonald’s, and various types and varieties of burgers can be prepared following the same instructions.

But of course, different ingredients. Following the basic patty formation and deep or shallow frying instructions, you can apply the same recipe to create Big Mac, McChicken Burger, Spicy Crispy, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and the newest addition – McAloo Tikki Burger.

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McDonald’s Big Mac

Big Mac is perhaps one of the most famous burgers McDonald’s has to offer. Not only is it immense in size, but it also packs a wonderful taste, and has a double-layer patty. On your quest to how to make Mcdonald’s burger, you will need to understand the basic recipe for a Mcdonald’s burger.

McDonalds Big Mac Burger –

The McDonald burger recipe requires you to simply assemble all the ingredients together, place them in the correct order and enjoy. The basic seasoning of the patty and the formation is a standard procedure that will remain the same for all types of Mcdonald’s burgers. Hence, if you know how to make one, you know how to make them all!

The calories in a McDonald’s big mac is 295 calories. (Source)

McDonald’s McChicken Burger:

You can’t go wrong with a McDonalds McChicken Burger, and this easy Mcdonald’s burger recipe makes a classic combination of your favorite burgers from home. The thick juicy chicken breast is seasoned in tempura coating and formed using the classic McDonald’s patty shape, and then deep-fried.

For a crispy texture, the patty is deep-fried at a high rate to cook it evenly, and then topped with fresh lettuce and served in a sesame seed bun. Follow our exceptional quick fix recipe on how to make Mcdonald’s burger to get the classical flavors just right.

McDonald’s Aloo Tikki Burger:

McDonald’s different varieties of burgers depending upon where you are in the world, and what type of burgers do you prefer. For the most part, you don’t have to be limited by borderlines to experience the best of Mcdonald’s Burgers.

McDonald’s McAloo Tikki Burger is a new addition to the menu and has suddenly gained a lot of popularity in the region it was introduced and all over the world. Our recipe for the best Mcdonald’s Burger is easy to make and requires minimum ingredients and effort.

Mcaloo tikki burger recipe Infographic –

Getting Started: McDonald’s Tikki Burger Recipe:

This McAloo Tikki recipe is one of the budget-friendly recipes, follows the classic Mcdonald’s burger approach, and packs a lot of flavor. You can use different ingredients as long as you follow patty formation instructions and assembly instructions – your McDonalds Style Burger recipe will turn out delicious!

Mcdonald’s Burger Ingredients:

•          Dried and crushed basil leaves(1 spoon)

•           Dried and crushed oregano powder (1 to 2 spoons)

•           1/2 to 1 spoon cumin powder

•           1/2 teaspoon of Chilli Powder

•           2 teaspoon of crushed Black Pepper Powder

•           1 teaspoon of Coriander Powder

•           1 teaspoon of Garlic Powder

•           1 teaspoon of Salt to taste

•           1/4 cup dried Frozen peas

•           1/2 cup of poha/flattened rice

•           1/4 cup of flour or 1/2 cup of maida/all purpose flour for thicker patties

•           2 tablespoon Gram Flour / Besan – 2 tbsp.

•           2 tablespoon Corn flour / Corn starch

•           1/2 teaspoon of fine Turmeric Powder

•           Rock Salt to taste

•           2 tablespoon Oil for batter

•           Water as required

•           2 teaspoons of Mayonnaise or 1/2 cup

•           2 teaspoon Tomato Ketchup – 2 tbsp.

•           1 to 2 teaspoon Breadcrumbs – 1 cup or as needed

•           Oil for deep fry

•           4 to 5 burger buns

•           very thinly sliced onions

3 large potatoes boiled and mashed or 2 potato patties if handy or readily made

Optional Choice: Use ground beef or Chicken, depending on the type of burger you want. But remember, follow the seasoning instructions to get that classic McDonald’s burger taste. Mcdonalds Hamburger Recipe contains beef patty.

Instructions for McDonalds burger Recipe:

The best answer to how to make Mcdonald’s burger depends on how well you prepare it – i.e. the instructions. Your choice of instructions can make your McAloo Tikki burger truly exceptional if you give it the right mcdonalds burger spices, seasonings, time, and effort.

Here are some pro instructions that you should consider to make your homemade burger just like McDonald’s, be it a Big Mac, McDonald’s veggie burger(mcdonalds veg burger recipe), McChicken burger, or something else off the menu entirely.

McDonalds Burger Patty Recipe:

Mcdonalds Burger Patty Ingredients include grounded beef or chicken, egg, milk, salt, crushed peppers, onion powder and garlic powder.

  1. Mix up your ingredients in a bowl, and put on a glove, and mesh it all together. It is better to use a processor so as to avoid any clumps or unevenness. McDonald’s burger patties have a thick consistency that has an even texture throughout, processing or meshing your mixture will give it that smooth appearance we see in all of Mcdonald’s burgers. 
  2. You can use a patty shaper to make a standardized shape of the patty and to keep the proportions well measured. This will make sure that your homemade McDonalds Burger is exactly as good in appearance as the fast-food chain one. You can also divide the mix based on serving size and freeze the rest. A quick and easy burger recipe that is also budget-friendly.
  3. Now, the third and perhaps most important part of a McDonalds Burger patty is the fine crispy, chewy crust. There is something special about that bite that makes your tastebuds g crazy, and we are here to bring that tip to you to make sure you do just that!
  4. If appropriate depending upon your protein or vegetable selection, slightly dip the patty in a mixture of whisked eggs and then coat evenly with tempura or breadcrumbs. After which, press the homemade McDonalds Burger patty slightly to make sure the mixture is well settled and ready to be fried. 

The Famous McDonalds Lettuce Crunch

We all know the sensation of that first bite delicious crunch that sets McDonald’s burgers apart from the rest. The freshly chopped lettuce is a major ingredient in this homemade Aloo Tikki recipe, and not as a main component but as a complementing one.

The crunch is a signature touch of this how-to make McDonald’s burger recipe and should be closely incorporated within the burgers so as to give that fast-food chain vibe.

The Famous McDonalds Condiment and cheese:

You can’t enjoy the Aloo Tikki burger recipe made in the classic McDonald burger way without some good old fashion condiments. McDonald’s burgers have different sauces depending on which type of burger you order, but the most recognizable condiment is mayonnaise.

Be sure to add it to your bun for that exceptional McDonald’s taste. Don’t forget to add the cheese. Also in lamb burgers, cheese plays a major role in the taste.

Below we have step by step photo of how to make Mcdonald’s burger at home.

How to Make McDonalds Burger At Home:

how-to-make-mcdonalds-burger-at- home
Make McDonalds Burger at home –

Let’s get started with the main part of it all – preparing the delicious Mcd burger recipe from the comfort of your home. Follow these easy steps for a delicious McAloo Tikki Burger.

  1. The first step is to get your poha soaked in water for at least 5 minutes, this step is essential, which is why we recommend you do it first thing. After it has been resting in water for a little over five minutes, drain it and squeeze it, then set it aside for later use.
  2. Next up, take potatoes, cumin powder, basil, and chili powder alongside all the dry ingredients, mix them well in a bowl, and then add the poha. Be sure to ass some salt to taste and then mash everything together very well. Once the mixture has been finely combined, feel free to toss it in the blender to ensure its consistency. Then let it cool for 25-35 minutes in the refrigerator.
  3. Then, take your flour, mix them, and add salt to taste. Add some oil into the mixture in the mixture and make sure it is well combined for a fine consistency. Add water to the mostly dry mixture to make it slightly thinner; this will you be your main batter to dip your homemade McDonalds burger patties in. 
  4. Take breadcrumbs and tempura powder together, and mix them well. Put the fryer on, or put the deep fryer on the stove to let the oil get hot. Be sure to have enough oil to let your patties easily toss and turn. Take out the patty shaper, and create your patties as many as required.
  5. Next, put the homemade Aloo Tikki patties in the fryer and let them cook until the outermost layer turns golden brown. Meanwhile, add ketchup and mayo to your fresh sesame seed buns, and don’t forget to add the fresh crispy lettuce.

You can toast the buns depending on your preference, and add condiments as per your liking. Cheese and onions are also optional, but we recommend adding them for that classic McDonalds McAloo burger taste.

Add pickles as well, assemble everything, and serve it while it is hot. Your delicious McDonald style burger at home is ready to eat! Similarly, steak burgers have the same preparation method, but the only difference is that the ingredients in this burger differ.

If you want the kebab version of Mcdonalds burger or the Mcchicken burger recipe, check them out here.

Tips and Tricks on Making McDonalds Burger:

Soon enough, you will have a delicious McDonalds-style McAloo Tikki burger at home, but what can make it even better is following these tips and tricks. You will have all the exceptional fast-food restaurant-style taste from your very own kitchen.

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Cooking the McAloo Patty:

Your main ingredient is the patty, which is why it makes sense to treat it as the most essential part of the McDonald’s similar burger equation. 

Don’t overcook the patty. Irrespective of your choice of protein or vegetable for this How to make Mcdonald’s burger at home recipe, be sure to never overcook. It is important that you remove the patty from the stove when you feel like it has been thoroughly cooked. If you overcook the patty, it will lose its crispy, crunchy taste that we all love in a good Mcdonald’s burger.

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Use precise measuring tools. By measuring tools, we don’t mean for the entire ingredients but rather the final product. Be sure to use a burger press as it helps in forming an accurately shaped patty. It also makes sure that your patty has just the right amount of mix, which makes sure that your burgers don’t get over or undercooked.

One main thing to note here is that you don’t necessarily need a burger press to make the patty. You can also use empty jar lids or other equipment.

Lastly, remember not to squish the burgers. It is important that you cook your McAloo Tikki patty evenly and not press it while changing its sides. Be it a McAloo Tikki burger, a big mac, or a McChicken burger, the outermost coating of batter will crumble if the patty is pressed excessively hard.

You should make sure that the sides of your patty have enough oil to cook and that you actively do not squish the patties when you are turning sides.

Home made McDonalds Burger –

A simple few tricks that can make your McDonald’s burger go from good to excellent. Follow this recipe and enjoy a tasty homemade McDonald style burger!

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Conclusion on Mcdonalds burger recipe:

Once you have followed our step-by-step instructions, it will surely help you in making a mcdonalds burger at the comfort of your home, then you would have surely become an expert in this.

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