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10 Foods to try before you die – 1 Helpful Guide

There are some things in life that one can’t do without, and food is undoubtedly one of them. While being a source of comfort for some, it is a safe haven for rest – and not without reason. There are some top dishes that you are definitely missing out on if you haven’t tried them yet. There are lots of tasty dishes but I have compiled a list of 10 foods to try before you die.

As exploring each corner of the world is a hobby for some, we suggest taking your tastebuds out for an adventure, by trying out these ten most popular dinner dishes that are in a league of their own, experience the best-cooked food delicacies at least once in your life.

Whether you have a sweet tooth for some scrumptious dessert or a passion for good home-cooked meals – the signature dishes are good enough to make you a fan. Most items on our top ten cook dishes are readily available, simple to make and affordable.

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The best thing about it is you can have more than one item at different times on the same day as you try them out as a new dish for dinner or eat these dishes in a restaurant. Get your knife and fork ready, and let’s dig into the list.

Let’s start off this list by satisfying your sweet tooth. Whether you are a fan of healthy dessert, Italian desserts, vegan desserts or low carb dessert – or all the above, desserts are easily everyone’s favourite. Here are some that are worth trying in this life:

10 Foods to try before you die:

Types of Desserts:


cheese cake
Cheese Cake –

What is cheesecake?

Cheesecake is a type of cake that is made from spongy cheese and sugar on a pastry or floury base, often with fruit or nuts on top.

Cheesecakes are easily a crowd-pleaser and have that sweet yet thick consistency to make your mouth salivate by just reading this—the best dessert in town, and even more so – a party starter.

If you ever needed a dessert that is different and special in your life, a cheesecake would be it. Make with buttery graham crackers and rich cream cheese – what’s not to like?

salted caramel cheesecake
Salted Caramel Cheesecake –

A classic cheesecake has a creamy texture, silky and smooth consistency and opens up a door of possibilities. Try cheesecake cream brownie, white chocolate cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, salted caramel cheesecake or any other variety you can find at least once in your life.

A dish that is rich in flavours and versatile enough to take your tastebuds out on a trip.

Gin and tonic tart

gin and tonic tart
Gin and Tonic tart –

What is a tart?

A tart is a sweet dessert pie filled with sweets such as fruit or jam.

A Gin and tonic tart is simply a tart containing gin and tonic ingredient.

Look no further for an unconventionally scrumptious dessert delicacy. Part tart, part gin – this Gin and tonic tart gives the best of both worlds. A classic dessert that has the idea of a delicious lemon tart, infused with the rich flavours of gin on a nice crunchy crust.

Easily like a giant biscuit that is overflowing with exceptional flavours, a pump of crème fraîche, and everything great about a cocktail. An adult-only dessert that is worth the mention on this list, something you must experience in your life in order to see what the hype is really about.

The restaurant-style dish is quite subtle in flavour but also packs a punch, having that beautiful lemon filling, and a consistent taste of tangy gin to keep things interesting.

Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts

You might be a fan of the conventional desserts, or you might be out looking for doughnuts’ shops near you – an equally good choice irrespective of your preference. Doughnuts are easily the most underrated form of dessert there is, not only is it easy to carry and easy to get – but it is one that perhaps offers the most variety.

A doughnut is a small circular cake made from fine flour and egg fried in hot oil and with sugar sprinkled on top.

sour cream doughnuts
Sour cream doughnuts –

You can take your pick from the wide variety of doughnuts, be it glazed doughnuts, mini doughnuts, homemade doughnuts, Boston cream doughnuts, keto doughnuts or old-fashioned doughnuts – there is plenty to go around. However, do try the Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnut once in your life. Made without yeast, this doughnut is unique, soft, delicious, and can be easily made at home! 

Pastries, Baguette, Croissants and a Life Well Lived!

Pastries are a favourite bakery item that has the option of being savoury or sweet. The line of breaded pastries is rich in texture, filling and flavours, but besides all that – even a simple loaf can be something exceptional. 

Baguette and Croissants

A Baguette is a long narrow French loaf made from sweet dough and usually baked in an oven.

While some might consider the two to be along the same lines, they’re more different than anyone might think. Despite being delicious and contraptions of flour, they don’t have much in common. Baguette is a classic French bread that has all the flavours packed to be an appetizer or the main course. A thin loaf that completes any meal and has the famous nickname “the French stick.”

baguette and croissant
Baguette and Croissant –

A croissant is a type of bread roll usually curve-shaped made from soft sweetened dough that is often eaten for breakfast along with melted butter.

On the other hand, croissants are a yeast-leavened dough roll in a product that is crispy, flaky and has a lot of texture. The reason why these two are mentioned alongside one another is that we just couldn’t conclude the list without them. Baguette and Croissants are crisp, filled with flavour, and unleash a fresh bread aroma when munched on that you definitely need to experience in life.

If you want to have baguettes and croissants, then you must know how to bake bread. If you wish to know how to bake bread, click on this link.

Pain au chocolat

The French have articulated numerous cook dishes, and some of them are in a league of their own. Pain au chocolat is simply a French roll delicacy and is crafted by finely kneading the dough and adding chocolate ganache in the middle.

Easily the best dish in any restaurants, it is served hot and melts hearts. The top dishes of many restaurants can’t compete with the fine, crusty, freshly baked Pain au chocolat.  Try it for yourself and see what the hype is about. The chocolatine is available in many French bakeries, and also at restaurants.

If you can’t find it near you – get adventurous and make it a homemade meal. Worth the time, and definitely a unique trip for your taste buds!

All About Chocolate

Chocolate needs no introduction; it is the personal favourite of many and not without reason. Whether you prefer a simple chocolate bar, white chocolate, milk chocolate, hot cocoa or a Hershey bar – it is easily the to-go-to comfort food. Without chocolate, you are missing the finer things in life, and we’re rounding up two chocolate rich suggestions that are worth your time and money.

Belgian chocolate

belgian chocolate
Belgian Chocolate –

Let’s start off the chocolate party with Belgian chocolate, a delight that has a fan following. The chocolate has a dine structure and can be your to-go-to ingredient for home food cooking.

Belgian chocolate has earned a reputation of being luxurious in more ways than one. Despite having a high cocoa content, what makes Belgian chocolate truly unique is its fine ground.

Along with having pure cocoa butter in its composition, this chocolate works excellent in any dish whatsoever.  You need to try the fine rich texture of Belgian chocolate once in your life; we don’t limit it to how and in what cook dish – but we suggest giving it a try.

But if you really want a top chocolate dish to try, go for a luscious Belgian chocolate hazelnut cake that is coated with a heavy layer of chocolate ganache mixed with cream – you won’t regret it!

Chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse
Chocolate Mousse –

A chocolate mousse is a type of dessert that is made from whipping cream, egg whites and chocolate chips and some flavour for taste.

If you are not convinced yet, you will be now – the best food you have to try at least once in your life is, of course, a Chocolate mousse. It is one of the old-school desserts that are still popular today because of their versatility, and if you haven’t tried one yet – it’s about time you do. Chocolate mousse can be made from different types of chocolate, which impact the flavours greatly. 

You can opt to try a Classic chocolate mousse if you want to try something fancy, or go for a creamy, rich modern chocolate mousse with easy home food cooking. A must-try recommendation for foods to cook at home, and to try out in restaurants near you.

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Food from Around the World

The best thing about trying different cuisines is that you don’t have to visit the country to experience the flavours they have to offer. Some cultures are oriented towards food frying, like Chinese fried chicken, Thai stir fry, and even KFC fried chicken for the most part. While others are rich in spices such as Indian food and Mexican food. Here are a few foods that are worth trying at least once in your life.

Mexican Food -Tacos

mexican tacos
Mexican Tacos –

A Mexican taco is a small hand-sized wheat tortilla usually stuffed with grated cheese, boiled vegetables or fried meat.

Tacos have been along for decades and are a crowd-pleaser, the ultimate go-to snack, and are just a shell of deep-fried goodness. While many have tried tacos already, if you are one of the few who needed the push – we strongly suggest it. Tacos are made with tortillas, a rich combination of different fillings, some sauces and then salsa on top – a classic Mexican masterpiece. 

Tacos have different varieties of fillings and sauces, which give them that unique flavour. Above all that, there are different combinations of masa, meats and spices that make them worth trying from a Mexican food place.

Or even get the basics down and create them at home as one of the best home-cooked meals. Live your best taco life and enjoy a plethora of Mexican taco options – be it Beef Tacos, Fiesta Spaghetti Tacos, double-layered tacos, taco cake, Fish Tacos and more.

Food from Japan – RAMEN

ramen noodles
Ramen Noodles –

Chances are you have heard or tried Ramen already, a fine Japanese food delicacy. While it has suddenly popped up everywhere, some people tend to confuse it with the packet noodles that look like something similar.

But in no way are we talking about the quick to make instant noodles, we’re talking about real Ramen all the way from Japan. It is a Japanese noodle soup dish, that has the classic Chinese style egg noodles, so it is easy to spot where the mix-up surfaces.

We suggest trying it out at least once in your life from an authentic Japanese restaurant for a hot bowl of egg noodles soup, served with cooked sliced pork or beef, scallions, and a boiled egg. All drenched in a warm and flavorful broth. It differs from the Chinese beef noodles and also from the Vietnamese pho, which has different broths, and spices.

The variation of ramen noodles is along the lines of them being just enough not to be confused with other types of noodle foods or cuisines.

Indian Food – PANEER NAAN

10 foods to try before you die - paneer naan
Paneer Naan –

On giving your tastebuds a world tour, do visit one of the most flavorful cuisines there is – Indian food. While Indian food has many spicy options you can choose from, or even cook Indian food at home, we suggest trying something different.

Paneer Naan is a traditional form of Indian flatbread that is widely consumed all over India, and in other countries due to its fine taste.  It is also commonly referred to as cheese naan and is made with flour, yeast, salt, sugar and yoghurt.

We strongly suggest trying Panner naan from an Indian restaurant, as it is baked in a tandoor for a sufficient amount until the dough rises to a fluffy consistency. It is then brushed with delicious butter or ghee, and served hot alongside the curry of your choice. A bucket list item you must try!

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Other Cheesy Delicacies before we say Goodbye

Our list consists of the best continental and oriental food, along with some great dessert suggestion and puff pastries. But to top things off, we have some additional cheesy suggestions for you too!

Try out cheddar cheese apple pie is a different combination of two ingredients, that sometimes don’t mix – apple and cheese. But try the contraption for yourself to see what the hype is about.

Above all that, we suggest Lasagna cheese Pizza, a cooked dish that is topped with multiple layers of cheese to give it that cheese pulls that you need to capture for Instagram.

An easy homemade recipe, and a cooked dish worth buying in any restaurant. Don’t forget to try the food suggestions at least once in your life, there is a reason for the hype – and you’ll soon figure out what that is!


Simply put, below are the 10 foods to try before you die:

  • Cheesecake
  • Gin and tonic tart
  • doughnut
  • baguette and croissants
  • Pain Au chocolat
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Mexican tacos
  • Japanese ramen noodles
  • Paneer naan

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